About the Municipal Group of Companies


Led by Dexter Construction, the largest civil contractor in Atlantic Canada, the Municipal Group is comprised of numerous diversified business units. Our ever-expanding service offerings include construction, environmental, asphalt and quarry, utilities, emulsions, demolition, mining and disposal, to name just a few.

For over 40 years, we’ve been serving Nova Scotia and beyond, and our presence now extends into New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northern Quebec, and the Caribbean.

We recognize that the key to our success lies in the hands of highly-skilled, world-class employees, and our commitment to safety and efficiency is evident in every job. It’s why we’ve not only maintained but enhanced our reputation as a true industry leader – a group that delivers superior workmanship day in and day out.

Please visit our Civil Construction, Environmental, Mining and Courier services pages to learn more about all our companies and services. You can also review the latest version of inRoads, our organization's newsletter, in English and French.




Safety is a core value of the Municipal Group of Companies. Our organization is a leader in incident/accident prevention, and we maintain an intensive safety program on all of our projects. Highly trained safety advisors implement job specific programs for our sites, to address the unique conditions for each jobsite. For large projects, full-time safety staff are allocated to develop a detailed safety program and oversee its implementation and operation. We target and achieve constant improvement with regards to safety; continuous improvement is a mandate within our organization.

Watch "Safety in Action" to see how the Municipal Group continually invests in its safety initiatives.