Co-op Program & Student Employment

Recognizing that the key to our success lies in the hands of a well trained, highly-skilled workforce, we take a proactive role in building our team. This includes an evolving co-op program for students in civil engineering and related fields. Led by real-world experts, trainers and supervisors, students can gain invaluable experience in a variety of work environments – especially in a company as diverse as ours.

By participating in our program, you’ll be exposed to actual challenges and situations as they relate to your growing skill set. Such exposure is critical in developing your career as well as forging connections for potential employment.

How It Works:

Our Human Resources Department will review applications, conduct interviews and select top candidates for specific locations and terms (4 or 8 month). Expected roles include project engineers and project coordinators, along with positions in estimating and quality control. For every co-op student who joins our team, this is an ideal opportunity to:

  • Gain new skills from actual projects
  • Receive expert training and mentoring
  • Experience real-life work scenarios
  • Attain potential future employment
  • Generate industry references
  • Continue professional development

During the work term, coaches/mentors will conduct performance reviews to assess individual strengths and successes, as well as areas for improvement. Students are expected to provide feedback and collaboration throughout the process, which will further enhance their overall experience. In addition, students are required to give formal summary presentations on their work. These will be delivered to a selected panel of senior personnel at the conclusion of the program.

To get involved, ask your co-op coordinator about available opportunities, visit us at an upcoming job fair, or contact our Human Resources Department: (902) 835-3381 or