Heavy Civil Services

Led by our workhorse, Dexter Construction, the Municipal Group of Companies has been building and restoring infrastructure in Eastern Canada for decades. Across a diverse range of projects, we have proven ourselves to be more than your typical civil contractor. We strategically collaborate with owners and developers (and their designers) at every stage of a job to streamline constructibility and maximize value. As well, we are accustomed to leading design-build projects along with public-private-partnerships and other non-traditional strategic partnerships, including design, construction, financing, operations and maintenance responsibilities. Our capabilities include:

  • Road Building and Maintenance
  • Surface Treatments (micro, chip)
  • Asphalt Product/Emulsion Manufacturing
  • Materials Testing and Research
  • Aggregate Production (stone, gravel)
  • Asphalt Supply and Paving
  • Structural Work (marine, bridge)
  • Excavation, Demolition and Hauling
  • Open Pit Mining and Stripping
  • Mine Construction/Development
  • Airport Construction and Renewal
  • Railway Construction
  • Crushing and Screening
  • Drilling and Blasting
  • Soil Remediation
  • Water Treatment
  • Pipe Works (water, sewer)
  • Concrete Works